If you’ve found yourself in a full sized house that’s nearly empty, you might need a bit of help deciding what to do with all that extra room. It can be tempting to turn a spare room into a guest room but unless you have regular overnight guests it can be a waste having a room that’s mostly occupied by an empty bed. Here are nine ways you can use a spare room other than as a (mostly unused) guest bedroom.


Give it to the kids for a rumpus room

Kids love having a space where they can hang out away from adults, so why not turn over the spare room over to them? Make sure they understand that a rumpus room is a privilege, not a right and that they’re responsible for keeping it neat and tidy. It’s a great way to teach your kids responsibility and give them a bit of independence.


Rent it out as a guest bedroom

If you’re still keen to have a guest bedroom but you don’t have many overnight guests you could rent the room out. That way you get to make a little extra cash and meet new people. It’s a great way to make money while making use of your extra space.


Turn it into a home gym

If you’re a bit of a fitness fanatic you could turn that spare space into an at home gym that is perfectly equipped for your fitness needs. You could have mirrors installed, weights machines, a treadmill, stair climber, dance studio or even boxing equipment. If you’re a professional fitness instructor, you could also use it as a place to train clients and run a small fitness business.


Make a home office

Even if you don’t technically work from home, most people can benefit from having a home office for sorting paperwork and doing all the chores that go along with being an adult who owns a home/pays rent/earns an income. Home offices often work well when they multi-task as a spare bedroom. That way you have office space you can use every day and you also have a guest bedroom in case relatives come to visit.


Turn it into a dressing room

If you have the space and the inclination why not? It’s much better for your sleeping patterns to have anything non-sleep related (like cupboards and dressing tables) removed from you bedroom, so there could be an added bonus to the transformation of the spare room.


Use it for a craft room or art studio

If you consider yourself a bit of an artist, you could turn the spare room into a beautiful space for your creative hobby. It could be a knitting room, quilting room, painting room, paper craft room… or all of the above. If you’re using it for a messier art and craft hobby, consider removing the carpet for more creative freedom.


Use it as a dedicated space for your hobby

Not all hobbies have to be messy though. You could create a comfortable and beautiful space for practicing music, writing novels, gaming or even meditation. If you have the space to spare and you want to dedicate a whole room to an activity you love doing, go for it.


Turn it into a library/reading room

It’s every avid reader’s fantasy to have a library and a reading room. Install floor to ceiling shelves to store all your beloved books and have a few comfortable places to sit and read.


Make it into a home theatre

Projectors and screens are more affordable than ever so there’s no reason why you can’t set your spare room up to be a home theater.