Once upon a time, you had splashback tiles and other splashback tiles to choose from. Times have changed, though. Splashbacks today can really make a splash in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

Splashback materials

Tiles have not gone out of fashion, but they have been updated to keep up with modern kitchen trends. One of the trendiest new developments in tiles is the glass tile. Glass tiles have a shimmering, three-dimensional quality that is perfect for the modern kitchen. They come in a range of colours, including bold primary and metallic colours. Sizes range from tiny mosaics to oversized glass tiles.


If you want to take a departure from the tiled look, you could try some of these on for size:

Aluminium splashbacks come in an exciting range of patterns and designs. Some come in a wide range of designer colours while others have multi-coloured designs and patterns. For a 3D effect, choose a stamped pattern in a traditional or modern design.

Acrylic splashbacks are in, and generally less expensive than other splashbacks. They are finding their way into designer kitchens because of the stunning range of colours they come in. If a plain colour is not what you’re looking for, some manufacturers have photo-realistic splashbacks available, or you can even have an acrylic splashback custom-made for you from your favourite digital photograph. Fancy looking at the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Twelve Apostles while you’re doing your laundry?

LED splashbacks have LED lights embedded behind glass. Cool burning LED lights are energy-efficient and have the unique ability to change colours. You can change the colour of your LED splashback to suit your mood or change the intensity of the light to suit your purposes. An LED splashback can emit a stronger light from the top or bottom (or both) of the splashback that gradually fades into darker hues; some are available with textured glass surfaces.

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